City of Roskilde

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RAGNAROCK – museet for pop, rock og ungdomskultur er et nyt nationalt, kulturhistorisk samtidsmuseum med fokus på musik og ungdomskultur.

Explore a masterpiece

Experience a magnificent church and an architectural masterpiece. 1000 years of Danish history are gathered here under beautifully decorated vaults and in dark crypts. Here 39 kings and queens of Denmark lie buried. The cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Roskilde camping tæt på København

Roskilde Palace is a four-leaf yellow baroque building built from 1733 to 1736

Roskilde mansion is listed on the site where the vicarage. Absalon Arch to the Palace with the Roskilde Cathedral.
The Palace was the appropriate framework to His Majesty during transit or stay on the occasion of funerals of the royal family.
From 1835 to 1848 the Palace housed the Stænderforsamlingerne the islands. Here was the new Danish Constitution in 1849.
Today The Palace Museum of Contemporary Art and the Palace Wing Roskilde Art Association

Camping nær København

Viking ship Museum in Roskilde

Danish museum for ships, seafaring and boatbuilding culture in ancient and medieval times. The oldest part of the museum, the Viking Ship Hall designed by Eric Christian Smith and built like a big display for five Viking ships from Skuldelev.
It was opened in 1969 and was listed in 1997.
The post-modern building is a particularly successful example of a contemporary international style – The Japanese architecture and the style and straight “brutalism”.
In 1997 the museum was expanded Museum of the lake. The architect Henry Terkelsen from Studio Hou + Parners has designed the buildings, consisting of 8 buildings with very different functions. Here, among other things, the museum´s boatyard based reconstructions of Viking ships and traditional Nordic wooden Activity Hall, where both large and small guests can try their hand at Viking crafts.
Roskilde camping & hytteferie

Roskilde station building is the oldest in Denmark.

It was built in 1847 in connection with the construction of the first railway in Denmark from Copenhagen to Roskilde.
The building is protected. A thorough restoration has given the beautiful Italian-inspired building the original colors again.

Roskilde camping & hytteferie

Old city hall, which today houses the Tourist Office.

Built in 1884 in Gothic style designed by architect O. Momme, who also designed the decorations in the Town Hall, stairwell and vestibule.

City Hall tower is from 1500 – century. It was the church tower of St. Lawrence Church, whose remains can be found in the square by contacting the Tourist Office.

Roskilde Museum – Tadre Mill.

Tadre Mill is now the only surviving and yet fully functional mill of at least 13 water mills over the years has been in the immediate area around Aastrup Monastery. Elverdamsdalens watermill dates back to medieval times.

At Møllegården been established kålgård and medicinal herb garden, small animal husbandry and field operations. Brought beautiful trails around the lake and mill around the meadows, where – as the only place in the country – has opened a quarry source.

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Guided tours and school service
Tadre Mill has a great, exciting program of tours, natural course and school service
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Jeppeart is a different and exciting store.

Jeppeart sells Danish crafts of high quality – including jewelry, glass, ceramics, garments, knitwear, fabrics and paintings.

The shop is run jointly by the artisans who sell their own works at good prices. Man have close contact with the craftsmen, which in turn is to take in store.

In connection with the store’s gallery Colours Hammer’s farm, year round, changing exhibitions.


Art Exhibitions

The Palace Wing at Roskilde Palace arranges Roskilde Art Association year-round changing art exhibitions. In summer there are sculptures adorn the palace garden, which also hostess concerts.

Roskilde gallery

Roskilde gallery is a non-traditional, cozy and informal gallery, located in the atmospheric surroundings of the old Maglekilde machine from 1863.

The privately owned, international gallery was established in 1999 and is based on the general public, a permanent staff of artists and always more than 1000 paintings of all styles and price ranges.

The gallery provides exhibition with you or your company of selected paintings, no matter where in the country you live.


Helle Duus Weiss’ studio & exhibition

In Helle Duus Weiss’ studio & showroom in Roskilde you can experience the unconventional, experimental Raku fired ceramics, inspired by people, emotions and thoughts.

Helle Duus Weiss has worked with ceramics for many years and developed his own recognizable style – experimental, curious and full of symbolism.
She ignores normal procedures, making the process experimental and unique works.

Helle Duus Weiss works with Raku, Pit and stoneware firing, but finds the greatest challenge and inspiration in Raku and Pit burning the elements, colors and structure change during the entire process. The technique dates from the 16th century Japan.

Studio / showroom are open Friday and Saturday and by appointment, subject to closure in conjunction with other arts events. Check current opening hours of the artist’s website.


Glass Gallery

Glass gallery, open studio is located in Roskilde’s old gasworks near the harbor. Here you can see the glassblower to work with the molten glass and transform it into a fine piece of Danish crafts.

Glass art can be purchased at the store


Birgitte Valentin

Experience the fascination and inspiration I am of a different nature and culture, as I express in my paintings and sculptures, as an acceptance of nature’s superiority and human diversity.

My meeting with the different natures and cultures that exist around the world, has made a big impression on me, Faroe Islands, Norway, Swedish Lapland, Africa, Polynesia and Australia with both violent and beautiful tranquil and unusual nature which characterizes the people that live on these sites from the culture and nature, they were born in.

A little philosophical term, these experiences strengthened my belief in the necessity of acceptance and equality between people and cultures where the inner and outer world must be of equal importance.


Gallery NB

Gallery NB in Roskilde collaborates with a wide range of younger and more established artists, both Danish and foreign. There are in the gallery context a wide range of expressions and idioms that equip the gallery to follow live the rule: To share the joy of valuable art with as many as possible.

The gallery, which has existed since 1987, has offices in Viborg Roskilde and several years experience with major and minor embellishments and sales to both individuals and businesses. Additional gallery opened in 2006 NBeX that serves as a rehearsal for younger artists.

There’s always time for a chat about art – wants, dreams, opportunities, large and small projects and advice on everything from the perfect gift for a total decoration of your business.


Guest rules at Roskilde Golf Club

Roskilde Golf Club welcomes players from other golf clubs. The rules concerning. guests are:

handicap limit
Max. handicap is 34.0. Valid membership card from a recognized golf club must be produced.
In weekends and holidays guests are welcome after at. 09.30, this does not apply to people who play with a member of the club.
Note we have an appointment in Golf box. Reservations can be made two weeks ahead. On weekdays you can reserve from at. 07.00 to pm. 19.40, while weekends and holidays can only be booked from at. 10.00. For any booking of more than 4 players, please contact the Secretariat at Tel. 46 37 01 81.
There are 2 ball run into hours, ball end is placed at start house.

Club and membership number must be entered in green fee book.
Write in block letters in green fee book.

Members of Roskilde Golf Club can (only when playing on summer greens) bring a guest on the 18-hole course with reduced green fees. Green fee reduced to $ 100 Club members must indicate membership number and name off the guest’s name in the last column of green fee book.
Lack DGU membership card may result in expulsion. Green fee ticket must be worn visibly during the game. Read the local rules and regulations and notices relating to the field before the game