You must have an approved camping card
The camping card can be purchased at the front desk upon arrival..

There must be 3 meters between devices
Also, between the tent. The car must be like to be parked in the space.

There shall be paid before 12 noon, on the day of departure
Position must necessarily not be exited at. 12.00 (ask the camp manager for billing).

Only one car per unit
Other cars refer to the parking lot.

Maximum speed at the site is 10 km / h
There must be peace in the square from 23.00 pm. to 07:00
Please show some respect for your neighbors in the daytime.

Day visitors must report to the reception.
Guests after at. 23.00 considered as campers, and therefore the payment is required.

Disposable Grill must not be placed directly on the grass
Please use a tile or similar.

Dogs are welcome. They only kept on a leash and aired outside the square.
Litter MUST be picked up – even outside the square.

The boom opens at. 07.00 and closed at. 22.00.
If you arriving later, please park your car in the parking lot.