Recommended by Denmark’s professional surfer Kurosh Kiani.

Kiani’s top five Danish surf destinations.

Amager Strandpark

At Amager Strandpark you will find one of Denmark’s largest clubs and a good environment to get started with the sport. Almost all year round you will also find good conditions for both kite or windsurfing. Kitesurfing takes place on a sailing board with a foot stop, while windsurfing takes place on a long board with the wind as propulsion using a single sail. It is also here that I once reached one of my best speeds on a windsurfer, which was 40.7 knots or 75km / h. Good surf club in the area: Holgoland Surfers:

Copenhagen Surf School

Copenhagen Surf School is only a short drive from Roskilde Camping and is the perfect summer activity for the whole family. Try windsurfing and get wind in your hair, or take part in an adventurous paddleboard trip in Amager Strandpark’s adventurous lagoons. Everyone can learn to surf – including you. At Copenhagen Surf School you will be greeted by passionate surf instructors and you will be taught top modern surfing equipment in exotic surroundings in Amager Strandpark.Link:

Hvide Sande

There are several windsurfing and surfing schools here. If you are a beginner, there are good instructors who can help you get started with the sport. If you are more experienced, Ringkøbing Fjord offers really good conditions, and if you are crazy about waves, you can jump in the North Sea. Good surf club in the area: Sydvestjysk Windsurfing Klub.

Veddelev (Roskilde Fjord)

At Veddelev by Roskilde Fjord, it is often good to windsurf. Especially in the spring there is thermal wind, which can make it almost the only place on Zealand with wind. There is also a local surf club and at the same time the conditions are very ideal for beginners. This is where I mostly come to test my equipment before competitions. Good surf club in the area: Veddelev.

Sealands northcoast (Tisvildeleje, Rågeleje, Gilleleje, Hornbæk)

This is Zealand’s “Hawaii”. Here, on a good surfing day, you meet most of Zealand’s surfing enthusiasts. It is relatively close to Copenhagen, and there are many different conditions within a few kilometers. This means that there is room for both the experienced surfer and the beginner who wants to throw themselves into the waves for the first time.


Klitmøller is known as “Cold Hawaii” and is probably the most famous place in Denmark when it comes to windsurfing. Here you meet windsurfers and surfers from all over the world, and there is a great local environment to help you get started with the sport. Good surf club in the area: The surf club NASA:
See more about the coastfishing in Roskilde here :

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